Top 5 best dark web search engines 2020

What is the Dark web?

The dark Web is the World Wide Web content that exists on darknets, overlay networks that use the Internet but require specific configurations, software, or authorization to access.

The dark web forms a small part of the deep Web, the role of the Web not indexed by web search engines, although sometimes the term deep Web is mistakenly used to refer specifically to the Dark Web.

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Dark web search engines

Although the dark web doesn’t host search engines like Google, it is still possible to navigate the dark web through directories and search engines. I’ve compiled a shortlist of top 5 dark web search engines for you to browse the dark web easily

1. Hidden Wiki

The Hidden Wiki basically is a dark web Wiki where you can find links to several sites on the dark web. The URLs of dark web pages are often unreadable. This makes it challenging to find the website you’re looking for. On the Hidden Wiki, they sort everything out for you.

Link to the Hidden Wiki: http://zqktlwiuavvvqqt4ybvgvi7tyo4hjl5xgfuvpdf6otjiycgwqbym2qad.onion/wiki/index.php/

2. DuckDuckGo

DuckDuckGoDuckDuckGo is a search engine that’s also available on the regular surface web. Unlike other search engines, DuckDuckGo doesn’t collect or share user information. This search engine is ideal if you want to be anonymous on the web. It is used on the dark web because it shows .onion websites. The majority of regular surface search engines do not index .onion websites.

Link to DuckDuckGo: https://3g2upl4pq6kufc4m.onion/

3. Candle

This site is there to help you see your way through the dark web. Candle is a search engine made for just the dark web and functions just like Google, except that it is not as useful. The dark web simply isn’t made to be neatly organized and indexed.

The whole purpose of services on the dark web is to remain hidden, except for a select group of people who know. This is why Candle should be seen as a minor tool, a small candle in a long dark hallway. Candle will allow you to see just a tiny bit clearer in the dark, but not much.

Also, be wary of clicking any links that the Candle search-engine offers up, as they are not filtered for malicious or illegal content. As always, when browsing the dark web, use common sense, and stay vigilant.

Link to Candle: http://gjobqjj7wyczbqie.onion/

4. SearX

Searx is another search engine you can access on both the regular and dark web. The advantage of SearX is that you can make your search queries very detailed. You can look for files, images, maps, music, videos, and much more. So, if you are looking for something detailed, SearX is the search engine to use.

Link to SearX: http://ulrn6sryqaifefld.onion/

5. Not Evil

“Not Evil” is another search engine on the dark web. This site directly contradicts its own mission statement, which is to be a “contribution to what one hopes is a growing shield against the tyranny of an intolerant majority.” They don’t accept donations and they forbid illegal content such as child porn, weapons, drugs, or any other illegal content.

Not Evil hosts a chat service where members can create topics. These topics range from disturbed to the depraved. The majority of the content is, however, spam.

Link to Not Evil: http://hss3uro2hsxfogfq.onion/


Visiting the dark web has risks. I recommend you take the following measures to protect yourself whenever you go on the dark web.

First of all, you need good anti-malware/internet security software. To prevent your device from downloading viruses, you need to install good anti-malware. Anto-malware software is important, even when you’re only browsing the surface web.

Secondly, you need a good VPN. A VPN is software that encrypts your internet traffic and hides your IP address. Just to be safe, it’s best to use a VPN so nobody will know to see that you’re accessing the dark web. Also, hackers on the dark web won’t be able to trace you back to your real IP address. Some good VPN providers are ExpressVPN, NordVPN, and IPVanish.

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