Safely open a stealth PayPal account in 2020 easily

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What is stealth or anonymous PayPal account?

Stealth accounts are accounts opened without an original credit card, original bank account. All the PayPal accounts are under different names, different IP addresses, and different browsers and they’re all verified by Virtual bank account and Virtual Visa card.

So how do you create one for yourself?, that’s what ill be talking about in this article


To optimize your transfers, i suggest you make a US PayPal account.

  1. VPS – VPS is the main requirement here. The reason being that we only want 1 IP Address for our account. Nothing else. if you ever come up with a chance of buying a VPS. make sure you’re getting a STATIC IP one, not a dynamic so your IP Address won’t change. This is your first step on acquiring an account that will be in good standing in Paypal’s eyes
  2. VCC – If you’re going to make a US account this is not the main one that will verify your account. However, we will still need this to lift the same limits in Paypal.
  3. VBA – the main ingredient on verifying your PayPal account.
  4. Cheap Documents Supplier – Cheap reliable documents supplier is needed as you would want to make a lot of PP accounts. You can get one HERE (I’m not affiliated with this site, buy at your own risk!)
  5. Fullz [if you can get a TIN (Tax Identification Number) then so much better] Dead or Live Fullz are fine. It won’t matter. Fullz is needed to provide DOB & SSN to the account. If you can get Fullz with TIN, then it will be so much better.
  6. Burner Phone or App – This is needed for both account protection and payment verification.

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  1. Create a notepad and store all the information per account
  2. Register in Paypal. Make sure you re doing everything in the VPS. Include the DOB, SSN, and TIN if you have now.
  3. Do not add both VCC and VBA the same day.
  4. Add VCC on the day of registration.
  5. After confirming your VCC wait 2-3 business days before adding your VBA to your account.
  6. Add your VBA and confirm.
  7. Go to Profile and make sure your account is a Business Type.
  8. Provide information regarding your business
  9. Wait three business days before making a legit transaction; the first transaction mustn’t get charged back as this defines what type of user you are in PayPal.
  10. You’re all set now


  • ONE VPS = ONE Account
  • Don’t make various accounts per IP. You don’t want your accounts to be linked to each other.
  • Don’t forget to always log in with VPS static IP

Enjoy your stealth PayPal account ๐Ÿ™‚

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