Top 5 reasons to never use nulled WordPress plugins and themes

What are Nulled WordPress Themes & Plugins?

Nulled WordPress plugins and themes are pirated copies of a paid version that is available illegally on the internet.

It’s stealing from WordPress developers that invested a lot of time creating these plugins/themes, and most importantly, it compromises the security of websites that use these nulled WordPress themes and Plugins.

Often, the reason your websites get hacked is because of using nulled plugins and themes. As site owners, you might not know that your site is using these nulled plugins/themes, which is why it’s always essential to use good/trusted developers.

Here are five reasons why you MUST avoid using nulled WordPress themes and plugins on your website.

1. Security

In terms of security, nulled plugins and themes are very dangerous to your website as they are known to carry a lot of hidden malware.

This code can spread across different files and other sites on your server. These bad codes may not be visible on the frontend; it disguises itself, which makes it harder to detect and clean up when your website gets hacked.

If you’re not making regular backups, you could potentially lose all your website’s data if your website gets hacked. You could also risk your website being de-indexed from search engines for distributing malware.

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2. Privacy

The types of malicious code in nulled themes and plugins vary. This can include code that steals your website’s information and makes it available to hackers.

This information could include your username, passwords, and email address. If you run a membership or an e-commerce website, you also risk having customer’s information getting leaked. If this happened, I’m sure it could cost your business a lot.

Quite often, people get nulled plugins and themes because they can’t afford the original version, but the risks attached to using nulled plugins are far higher than the rewards.

These kinds of hacks are tough to detect and might unnoticed for a long time.

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3. It’s Bad for SEO

Nulled WordPress themes and plugins can harm your WordPress SEO. Nulled WordPress plugins and themes can add spam links to all over your website or redirect your user to bad sites.

These things may not be obvious visually; they work in the background, hidden inside your code. Trust me; search engines will be quick to penalize your website by dropping your search ranking or even de-indexing your website completely!

It could take several months to recover your websites SEO rankings…

4. Legal Issues

Many WordPress plugins and themes are open source, but some are sold with combined licenses, which means that some parts of the code are copyright protected, and if you are using a nulled WordPress plugin or theme, you do not have the legal permission to do so.

What this means is that nulled WordPress themes can result in data loss, data theft, or distribution of illegal material. And it could lead to legal proceedings where you might end up paying massive amounts of money to lawyers.

5. No Access to Updates and new features

Most WordPress plugins and themes regularly release updates to add new features, fix bugs, and patch security issues. Nulled WordPress plugins and themes cannot receive those updates and features because they don’t have a valid license key.

This leaves your website with an outdated version that is less secure and possibly even stops working. WordPress regularly releases updates and sometimes themes and plugins need to be updated to remain compatible with the latest updates. Since the nulled theme or plugin cannot be updated, your website may start malfunctioning or become inaccessible.

Even the most experienced WordPress users need some support and documentation to use some of the premium WordPress plugins and themes efficiently.

Developers of these plugins spend a lot of time on providing support and making documentation for their users. They even hire support experts to answer questions and frequently add new tutorials.

If you use nulled WordPress themes or plugins, then you’re on your own. You can’t ask the devs to help you out when you need support. You also can’t get access to documentation and tutorials because those are only available to users who purchase the Themes/Plugins


If you use nulled plugins, I hope you’re now aware of the dangers of using them.

It might be a lot of work to remove them if they are already deep in your website, you just have to remove these plugins because they are simply not worth the risk to your brand or business.

Save up and buy a legit copy or find a free plugin; there are millions of free plugins that could get the job done, just not in a premium looking way.

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