Namecheap Hosting, Worth it? ( Lazy 2020 Review)

Many of you have probably heard of Namecheap maybe after registering a few domains with them, but how do they cope when It comes to hosting?, that’s what I’ll be briefly talking about in this short article based on my experience with them.


Namecheap Hosting Prices
Namecheap hosting prices as at April 2020

My Experience

I came across Namecheap around 2015 and used it a lot to register my domains for several years before I decided to give Namecheap’s hosting service a try.

I also found out at the time, hosting wasn’t their primary specialization, but it was very cheap and decided to give it a try and recommended it to a few friends.

It was usable and seemed like a good deal at the price.

Fast forward to April 2020, I was helping a friend set up a new site, and it’s the worst hosting money can buy in 2020. It’s like it suddenly became the worst hosting service overnight.

  • The pages are slow.
  • The cPanel is very slow and almost unusable at times.
  • Poor customer service
  • very high downtime

The list goes on; the experience was a terrible one and has forced my friend to move to a more reliable hosting service. Even though my friend was on their cheapest plan (Stellar), it shouldn’t be that bad, and this will most likely be the same in higher plans as their servers are merely inadequate.

Verdict (Should you consider?)

If you’re looking to build a brand on the internet my advice will be not to pick pennies on hosting because nobody likes a slow site. Stay away from Namecheap hosting and find alternative options.

I’d only consider Namecheap to register domain names and nothing else. Namecheap isn’t an excellent hosting option in 2020 and shouldn’t be an option for building your site or brand in 2020.

It’s definitely not worth it.

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