Best way to bypass any link shortener 2020

We use the internet every day, and we download or access links all the times, but sometimes these links are made difficult to access.

They are monetized by whoever created that link, and we’ve all felt the pain of waiting several seconds on link shortening sites and even when the waiting time is up you get tossed around to different websites before getting to your required destination.

Few examples of sites like this are,,, linkvertise, and many others.

These sites will take a lot of time, and you get directed to several malicious sites and asked to download several apps containing viruses.

If you don’t have experience using these sort of websites you might fall victim and download a malware thinking that was the file you wanted.

There’s an easy workaround to skip all these sites and go directly to your required file without waiting or getting redirected to harmful websites.

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Universal bypass extension

To bypass these sites, you’ll be making use of an extension called Universal Bypass.

Universal bypass is an extension developed for skipping any type of link shortener and can come in handy and save a lot of time at link shorteners. Yes, this is the answer to all your link shorter problems, haha.

How to install Universal bypass

Step 1

Visit, click on install and select your browser in the next page (Chrome users read to the end if you don’t know how to install extensions manually)

Step 2

Once installed restart your browser and revisit the link you’re trying to bypass, and you should see a screen like this

How to bypass Linkvertise links using universal bypass

How to install Universal bypass extension on Chrome

Unfortunately or chrome users, Chrome deleted Universal bypass from its store recently, so you’ll have to install this extension manually.

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the highlighted link “Universal Bypass for Chromium-based
  3. Download this file and save the file where you can easily locate it.
  4. Next, Open chrome://extensions in a new tab.
  5. Enable “Developer mode” at the top-right.
  6. Drag and drop the zip file downloaded earlier in the chrome://extensions page and restart your browser, you might get a warning anytime you open your chrome browser because the extension was installed manually via developer mode, simply close the popup.

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