How to get Spotify premium free (Hack) July 2020

What is Spotify?

Spotify is one of the best music streaming platforms, but it isn’t free if you want to have full features like skipping songs and playback without ads.

In this article I’ll be showing you how to get Spotify premium for free in July 2020 (Android only)

Spotify premium free in 2020

Step 1: Get a free Spotify account

Youll need a free Spotify account for this register HERE if you don’t have this, and if you’re in an unsupported country, use a VPN connection, preferably to the USA to easily signup.

Step 2: Download the Modded Spotify premium app

For this “Premium ” to work, you’ll need to use a cracked Spotify app to give 90% premium features.

  • Download the latest July 2020 cracked Spotify app HERE (v8.5.63.941)
  • Allow unknown sources if not enabled
  • If installation fails, uninstall the previous version and try again
  • Sign in with Spotify details (Unsupported country use VPN)
  • Enjoy free Spotify for life


Since you can’t download or update the app, remember to visit this page next month to get the updated version.

Advantages of modded Spotify premium

  • Unlimited music
  • High-quality music
  • Adfree
  • Unlimited skips
  • Play specific songs
  • Unlimited shuffles

Disadvantages of modded Spotify premium

  • No automatic updates (can only be updated manually)
  • No download feature (but cache works fine as long as you’re connected)

Enjoy your free Spotify

16 thoughts on “How to get Spotify premium free (Hack) July 2020”

  1. i tried downloading it and after i opened the file and tried to install it on spotify it kept getting an error message saying app not installed ;-;

    • do you have another spotify apk installed?

      if you do, uninstall that and it should work.. I have also updated the link provided above.


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