How To fix iTunes Error 9006 While Downloading Podcast Easily

How To fix iTunes Error 9006 While Downloading Podcast Easily
error 9006 fix

iTunes can throw an error 9006 while upgrading, fixing, launch, opening, upgrading, installing, downloading, linking, eliminating, uninstalling a device on Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8. This error can occur as a result of the security program installed, obstructing the functioning of the iTunes program.

Steps to fix this error needs to be carried out by a specialist technician to prevent data loss or additional errors.

Contact a professional here: iTunes Support Chat

Steps to fix iTunes error 9006 downloading podcasts manually on Windows

To fix this error manually, follow these steps and You Ought to be logged in as an Administrator to do those steps:

  1. Press the Windows key and the letter ‘R’ together.
  2. Input the text”firewall.cpl”.
  3. When the Windows Firewall opens, check if that which is highlighted in green.
  4. When the firewall display highlights in red, please follow the proposed steps onscreen.
  5. Click”Allow a program or attribute through Windows Firewall.” OR”Allow a program or attribute through Windows Firewall.”
  6. Subsequently, click “Change settings”.
  7. Now, check if iTunes is selected under the groups of public and private networks.
  8. Then, check if”Bonjour” is selected just for Personal networks.
  9. In the event, the options mentioned above are missing, then click on the”Allow another program.” Or”Allow another application.” Alternative.
  10. If you aren’t able to find iTunes, use the browse choice to visit the place”C: App FilesiTunes” and select iTunes.exe.
  11. When Bonjour is not listed, follow the above measure to include it to the listing.
  12. Once selecting the program and then adding this to the list, then click OK button and then close the Windows Firewall.
  13. Apply any Windows Update to be sure that the computer is current.
  14. Check whether any driver software is lost or obsolete.

Restart AMDS (Apple Mobile Device Service)

  1. Close iTunes and some other connected devices into the computer.
  2. Press the Windows key and the letter’R’ together and then input the command “services.msc”.
  3. After the Service listing window opens, navigate the list to find”Apple Mobile Device Service”.
  4. Right-click that the”Apple Mobile Device Service” then put on”All Jobs” then click Restart and then Await the Restart to finish.

In case the error code iTunes error 9006 downloading podcasts using Windows is still not fixed, you need to chat with a specialist technician to have this problem fixed.

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