How to Fix Origin Won’t Open or Respond After Launch Easy (2020)

How to Fix Origin Won’t Open or Respond After Launch Easy (2020)

Are you unable to play games on ORIGIN?

I understand how it feels when Origin will not respond while beginning your game.

I have found a working fix.

And in this particular post, you’ll be able to understand how to fix in Origin will not start games Error.

Let’s begin.

What’s Origin?

Origin is the ideal online multiplayer gaming platform powered by EA, which permits users to play games such as FIFA, Battlefield V, etc..

Origin also includes a platform called Origin store. In this, you can purchase games on your PC.

EA added Cloud Saving new and in-game improvement overlays.

Additionally, in-game discussion and game joining can be added in Origin.

What causes Origin won’t open error?

Problems like Corrupted cache documents, distorted temporary files, issues with core origin documents, etc., may cause the Origin won’t open error.

Many users have confronted this problem and got annoyed.

However, don’t you worry, I’ve great news for you.

Allow Me to inform you.

The Origin won’t open error can be repaired.

Let’s not waste time and attempt to correct this matter.


Easiest Repair for Origin won’t start.

Several users uninstalled Origin by becoming annoyed due to this matter.

For saving your time, I’m giving you the best answers.

Here are the steps to Repair Origin will not open

1. Run the Compatibility Troubleshooter

The majority of the users have discovered this alternative.This alternative is the easiest.

Here is the way to conduct compatibility troubleshooter:

Right-click that the Origin Shortcut in your desktop and choose Properties.
Then head into the Compatibility tab and click on Run compatibility troubleshooter.
Click Strive recommended settings to check the app using the suggested compatibility configurations.
If it doesn’t work so far, then rerun the Program Compatibility Troubleshooter. Opt for the choice that is other dependent on the issues you notice.
When the issue persists then adjust the settings and reach OK if you’re finished.
NB: Try these Compatibility settings for further progress.

Compatibility style: In case Origin will not open in your current Windows system, click on the drop-down button and then set up the prior version of Windows program to test-run Origin.

Disable Full-Screen optimizations: it’s noticed that some games on Origin are affected by the low FPS issue. When you allow optimizations that are Full-Screen A number of the wreck, disable it to check if Origin functions or not.

Run this application as an administrator: If Origin isn’t provided administrator privileges, perhaps it doesn’t operate how you want it to be. For this, consider running the Origin File as an administrator to find out if it worked or not.

2. Proceed through a Clean Boot

This measure is the step for several users. Origin users locate this measure.

You might have to do a clean boot in case this issue shows.

Clean Boot is a troubleshooting technique which lets you manually disable startups to find the applications out.

Uninstall the application When you determine the forms, this problem will be solved.

Here is the way to perform a Clean Boot into your Windows PC:

Press Win+R at the Exact Same time to start the Run Dialog. Subsequently, type MSConfig and press Enter.
Select the Services tab, tick mark that the Hide all Microsoft services box and click Disable all.
Then open Task Manager.
About the Startup tab in Task Manager, then choose the item for every startup and click Disable.
Head straight back to the System Configuration and click on OK. It is going to restart your PC currently.
Run Origin again to check if the issue stays or not.

If not you want to start the System Configuration window to allow the software one by one.

After allowing software and each service, you have to restart your PC to apply the changes.

3. Deleting the Origin cache Documents

For loading, Origin generates cache files. All these cache files are stored because of the data in them. Deleting these cache files will assist in fixing this error.

Again if you face any online issue like LAN not working then clear all of the browser caches also.

The way to delete cache files of Origin?

Here are the steps to delete cache files of Origin:

Open Task Manager and also close Origin client.
Press that the Windows + R key and then form percent ProgramDatapercent and press Enter.
Open the Origin Folder.
From the Origin folder delete all of the documents except Local Content folder.
Now run that the Origin client again.
This may fix the matter.

4. Cleaning Origin’s Temporary Files

Origin keeps generating temporary files in a folder.

This can cause Origin not to open.

Deleting these files will help fix this matter.

You may ask:

The best way to clean temporary documents of Origin?

Here are the steps to clean temporary documents of Origin:

To start with, you want to manually unhide the documents since the files are hidden by default.
From the search box, type folder.
Under Advanced settings, pick Display hidden files, drives and folders, then press OK.
Currently, media Windows + R keys at the same time and write %AppData%. Then press Enter.
When the folder opens, delete the Origin folders.
Try restarting Origin client to find out whether the matter is solved or not.

Additionally, check if your Nvidia driver is functioning or not.

5. Reinstall the Origin Program

If the methods above look useless for you, you may try uninstalling and reinstalling Origin Client.

Here are the steps to uninstall and reinstall Origin:

Open Control Panel in the search bar.
Click Uninstall a program under Programs.
Find and right-click Origin to uninstall it.
Head into the official website of Origin and get the Most Recent EA Origin Program.
With the recently Origin, you won’t find Origin will not open games issue

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