5 Best sites to check Spotify Analytics and personal stats

We listen to a lot of music via streaming platforms these days. Most of these streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple music keep our listening habits like favorite artists, how many minutes in a year streamed, top streamed songs, and many other details to themselves.

Spotify premium free in 2020, check spotify analytics
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How to Check Spotify Analytics

So how do you see your personal Spotify streaming data and what are the best sites for Spotify analytics and stats?, without having to wait for Spotify wrapped every year.

These are also the best Spotify.me Alternatives

In this article, I will be listing the best places to check Spotify analytics and personal stats easily

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1. Skiley.net

Best sites to check Spotify Analytics and personal stats

Skiley.net is the most feature-rich Spotify analytics tool, with this site, you can track your favorite music, artists, genres with many other useful features like:

  • Similar playlist creation (and the ability to configure how the generated playlist’s songs going to be like; full of energy? with lots of instrumentals? for dancing? etc.)
  • Playlist filtering by genre
  • Playlist ordering (by track name, artist name, album name, added date, BPM, instrumentals, energy, intensity, etc.)
  • View your recent play history
  • View your most played tracks, artists and genres
  • Find similar songs to any track you like
  • View the lyrics for your currently playing song
  • Create a Discover Daily playlist, based on your recently played songs
  • Save all the songs added every week to your Discover Weekly into a separate archive playlist

If you want the most-feature rich Spotify analytics tool, skiley.net is the best.

2. Last.fm

Best sites to check Spotify Analytics and personal stats

Last.fm is the world’s largest online music and analytics service. Listen online, find out more about your favorite artists, and get music recommendations.

Last.fm is one of the best way to track spoify data because of its method of tracking your songs it can give you detailed information about your streaming habits, spotify.me was a good alternative but the site was deactivated by spotify recently.

Simply signup on the website, link your Spotify account, and it will monitor and provide your Spotify analytics and your music habits counting from when you register.

3. Utils for Spotify (Android app)

Utils for Spotify is a straightforward app and what it does is display your historic Spotify analytics and data, it shows your favorite songs and artists over the last one month, six months, and lifetime count.

It takes this information from your Spotify app installed on your phone so no need to signup or anything, just give the app permission to access your Spotify data

With Utils for Spotify you can explore your most heard tracks and artists over three different time periods. You can also watch your playlists and export their information to the local storage.

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This site seems a bit shady but trust me it works, the site doesn’t have a domain or regular UI but its very easy to understand, it lists all your most streamed songs and artists, its a straightforward site you can easily use to view your stats and Spotify analytics.

Best sites to check Spotify Analytics and personal stats

5. Spotify charts

Spotifycharts.com is not precisely the same as the other Spotify analytics sites listed above, spotifycharts.com provides Spotify charts analytics for all regions and can come in handy to track top songs and trending music.

Best sites to check Spotify Analytics and personal stats


That’s pretty much it, with these sites listed above, you can easily track your Spotify analytics and streaming data even though you won’t get exact numbers of minutes streamed,

These sites will help you know what you stream without having to wait a year for Spotify wrapped.

Leave a comment if you have any issues, and I will be happy to help, enjoy.

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