Easy way to check if a game is cracked 2020

What are Cracked games?

Games generally use some sort of protection against themselves being copied and distributed for free.

When a game is “cracked,” mostly people who hack games find a way to bypass this serial code feature by changing the code or having scripts trick the protection software into thinking there is a legit serial code in use.

Or disabling the online check feature, which checks if the serial code given is used or legit.

So basically a game which is illegal in which the serial code check or “DRM” feature is disabled

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Can every game be cracked?

Many scene groups hack games, but as time goes by, the security used to protect the game gets tougher and makes the game more resistant to hacks.

How to know if a game is cracked

There are a lot of ways to check but i’ll just share the one i use personally.


Itfreek cracked games
Red Dead Redemption 2 hasn’t been cracked (at time of posting)
itfreek.com cracked games
Doom Eternal has been cracked

As you can see from the above pictures, the site is very self-explanatory, detailed, and easy to understand. You should also take note. This site doesn’t provide cracked games, just information on if a game gets cracked.

Its a very detailed site and you can also join the Crackwatch subreddit HERE

itfreek.com crackwatch subreddit
The subreddit

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