How to bypass MEGA download limit easily in 2020

Bypass MEGA download limit

Perhaps you have wished to download a document and got stuck due to’s download limit? Well, today we’re going to demonstrate to you the way you can bypass mega download limit and download any file with large size onto your device. Suggestions and several approaches are using which you may expand mega’s yearly quota. is a file sharing and cloud storage site founded in 2013. Mega has over 60 Million users that are active all around the world, utilizing Mega’s various tools across Mobile and Desktop Apps. Companies, Pupils use, and freelancers to store and share their work with different folks.

Mega is a leading cloud storage firm due to its cross-platform service that means that you can quickly get from Mobile App, Desktop App and out of the browser by typing

The issue with Mega is they have limited performance accessibility for Free accounts, and individuals who use mega do not feel that investing in a program that is monthly is a great idea. Occasionally due to this free accounts, you get stuck along with your transfer Quota on mega has used and you’re forced to buying a premium account or wait until next month to acquire a monthly quota.

In this guide, we’re going to go over “the way it is simple to bypass the mega download limit”. And the guide will concentrate on ways by which you can add transfer quota to a mega accounts use that transfer quota to download the documents.

To bypass MEGA download limit.

Mega sets a Bandwidth for every free and premium account, Bandwidth means the number of information you may use to your PC in their server. Suppose if the document is of 1 GB and you’re becoming “Monthly Bandwidth exceeds” or “Monthly Transfer Quota Finished” which means you’ve got a Bandwidth share of 1 GB to your Mega accounts.
Immediately your Bandwidth is used by you that the accounts will be suspended from using the server and you’ll need to wait.

Numerous loopholes were available to download big files quickly, but within the time was competent in repairing a lot of these. Still, some tricks are working towards assisting you to get additional download limit on Mega.

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Ways to bypass MEGA download limits

  • Insert a Mobile Number for your mega accounts
  • Download Mega’s Desktop and Mobile App and receive an Additional Transfer limit.
  • Use VPN to Download Documents from
  • By using JDownloader.

Insert a Mobile Number For Your MEGA Account

Whenever downloading a huge file from, after a while mega will reveal you a message stating you have exceeded your download limit.
It will provide you with a choice to add your cellular number that adds 20 GB additional storage into a mega account combined with 40 GB transfer quota.

Verifying it and adding your number will provide you with an additional 40 GB transfer quota that it is simple to utilize to download the document. In case the file exceeds size over 40GB keep reading this article for more ways.

Download Mega’s Desktop and Mobile App

How to bypass MEGA download limit easily in 2020

Once you download and install’s background and the mobile program, you’ll be greeted with a free transfer quota of 40 GB on both Desktop and 30 GB on cellular in complete 70GB (make sure to use precisely the same Mega accounts on either device).

For doing this, Desktop program downloads page and clicks on the button. The program is available to download on Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. Follow the installation manual until you install the MEGAsync App.

On your desktop computer open the MEGAsync Program and Sign in with your accounts or click the “Create New Account” option. As soon as you’re finished, you’ll be allocated 40 GB of quota. You could handle a good deal of Mega’s features directly.

For downloading Mega’s Mobile App, visit Google Play Store or App Store and search for “Mega” and download their program. Once installed, click the program icon and then sign in or make a new account to avail of the additional 30 GB quota. This is a simple trick to bypass mega download limit if you’re seeking to download files.

Use VPN to Download Documents from

If you understand about VPN programs, it is excellent VPNs have been utilized to hide your IP and other tasks and can help you to navigate. When using the VPN program for bypassing the Mega download limit, there are items.

Suppose you’re using the VPN program to bypass mega’s download limit and also to download a huge file that’s in bits. We could say the document has a lot of folders inside then as soon as you hit on your account quota limit only await the limit to reset then restart the downloading. Otherwise, you’ll need to begin from new,i.e. The file will start downloading.
Additionally, if you’re using VPN to download little size documents daily or whether you’ve already used your account’s quota to download a document and you would like to download another file then shut the MEGAsync program and reset your VPN and initiate the MEGAsync program again.

For users that will use Free VPN, We advise you to change to a paid one as MEGAsync will attempt to utilize all of your VPN bandwidth to try to download the document as rapidly as possible and with a free VPN sets any limitations on your accounts.

By using JDownloader

Another method is to utilize Jdownloader to download files. For this visit JDownloaders site and click Download option from the menu and then choose the Operating system to download the app in your pc, it’s available for all significant operating systems such as Windows, Mac, and Linux. However, for applying this trick, you will require some proxies.

Click on the program icon to start the program and visit and replicate your document URL, Now you’ll need to bring the copied link into the “link manager” tab on JDownloader and need to modify some settings to download mega’s documents easily.

For Windows: visit JDownloader and Click Settings >> link Manager. Additionally, under “Max chunks per Download” set the value to’20’ and MAx Simultaneous download.

To Mac: Click the JDownloader button and then Select Preferences >> link Manager. Proceed into General Settings and place “Max chunks per Download” place value to’20’ and Simultaneous max download.

Nowadays you need to convert the bought or free proxies into the next format “” and import them into the JDownloader program, and you’re finished. Your download will begin automatically.

Keep checking your proxies onto JDownloader and eliminate those proxies that are hailed as “Red” from the app too if you receive an error message stating “Bandwidth exceeded” then remove the proxies and insert a few fresh proxies.

Buy’s premium subscription.

Suppose you’re likely to use more frequently then you need to consider subscribing to their premium program since it provides you longer Cloud storage distance, More Bandwidth, and also additional transfer quota every month.

There are strategies for you to pick so that you do not wind up spending a great deal of cash and can choose any plan that fits your requirements. The least expensive plan on mega provides you with 400 GB Cloud storage area combined with 1 TB transfer which is more than sufficient for an average person to download huge files or save them in their’s accounts and access it from anywhere and from any device they prefer.

They provide you two months free subscription if you’re opt-in to get a program.

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