Best ways to get shared logins in 2020

These days you need a subscription for most services or to unlock features, and frankly, we never use these subscriptions to their full capacity all by ourselves. It just adds more to your monthly bills.

Using shared logins is a perfect way to pay less for a service and get the most out of it.

What are shared logins/subscriptions?

Well, it’s quite clear from the name “shared logins” this is when you use a paid account with other people to reduce charges and pay cheaper for the service.

An example is a VPN subscription. For instance, you pay for a subscription that could support up to 6 users just for yourself, and if you’re on a tight budget, you’re losing money on something you don’t fully use.

Are shared logins safe and legal?

Shared logins are safe and legal, and even though companies are not happy about you sharing passwords to save money, you aren’t breaking any laws that can land you in any trouble.

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Free shared Logins

There are a lot of places to get shared logins free; you could simply ask a friend for one or join telegram groups that provide premium passwords for free.

Check the telegram group i found to get free premium passwords HERE

Alternatively you can visit sites like BUGMENOT for free passwords.

Visit the site, type in the website you’re trying to get passwords to, and you might find something that works for you.

shared logins itfreek

The higher the success rate, the higher the odds of the password working.

Buy shared logins

If free logins don’t work for you, you can easily get many shared logins from ebay.

Go to search for the shared login you want to buy and easily purchase using PayPal.

NOTE: Always check seller ratings to ensure you’re buying from a trusted seller. That way, if the password stops working earlier that its expiry date. You can quickly contact the seller and get a replacement.

Always look out for the amount sold and look in open the seller profile to see reviews.

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Advantages of shared logins

  • You get premium services cheap
  • There are no monthly bills or credit card commitments
  • You take full advantage of the service at a significantly cheaper rate

Disadvantages of shared logins

  • You might not have the account all to yourself, so expect few random changes here and there.
  • Occasionally the account will stop, and you’ll need to contact the seller or find a replacement.
  • You cannot change the password or email

That is pretty much everything about getting or buying shared passwords, if this article helped, please share.

Leave a comment if you have any questions and i’ll be happy to answer!