5 Best Video Players for Windows 10 in 2020

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The target of this guide is to record down the best video players for Windows 10. Cinemas are the choice for many. However, there are instances when viewing a movie is less available. In the event you would like to see a film in your Windows PC it’s likely to utilize the default Windows Media Player.

You can also use a 3rd party video player that will supply you with a lot of features. All these media players have been around for a little while with amazing features and tools.

These video player for Windows PC have been around for a little while, and a number are free while others like GOM have a pro version which has more features. Read this article and find out which is your best video player in 2020 to you. These finest Video Players for Windows 10 includes a few powerful features and functions.

Even the new-generation Video Player contains a lot of impressive features to fit your fundamental needs. For viewing videos, you have to have a media player installed on your computer.

Best Video Player for Windows 10

All these Video Players for Windows 10 are free to obtain. You may have to pay some cash to get some premium tools. These Video Player for Windows 10 has a range of support, for instance, standard formats such as AVI MP4 and MKV. Real Player is just another media player that is used and favoured by the majority of people. There are a lot of videos players offered in the market, but when it comes to choosing the exact top video player on Windows PC, there are quite a few players that you should consider.

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1. VLC Player

best video players windows 10_itfreek.com

The VLC media player is easy to handle, and functionality is fantastic. It is, undoubtedly the most well-known media player on earth. It is one of the best free video players for windows 10 in 2020. VLC Media Player has been available for some time, and it does not need any introduction.

Using the VLC media player is straightforward. VLC media player is one of the best video players, especially for its Windows 10 systems. It’s known for several built-in video codecs. The VLC media player also includes sound and video filters, so you’re ready to tinker with all the best possible functionality. VLC player is just one of the media players around Earth. VLC media player is not only for video playback, yet. Additionally, it will come with a lot of features that users do not even understand. VideoLAN VLC media player is a solution for home users seeking to play their media files.

The VLC Player may fill all your music needs as it can’t only stream radio but additionally drama podcasts. VLC Media Player is a media player available for many mobile and desktop platforms. It’s a free app that you can use to watch out every picture format there. For that reason, it may be well worth installing a VideoLAN VLC media player on your computer.

VLC Player Pros

  • Free
  • Easy to Use
  • Support most media files
  • Easy to install and install

VLC Player Cons

  • Cannot play encoded Blu-ray
  • Cannot play with our evaluation DVD

2. GOM Media Player

best video players windows 10_itfreek.com

GOM Media Player is just one of the video players such as Windows because it has a lot of codecs. It is one of the free applications you may possess when you’d love to play all media files, I use GOM (plus) personally, and I love it and prefer it to VLC

Majority of media players are developed with windows or installed at the time of purchase, Or you may opt for a 3rd party video player who will provide you with a ton of capabilities. GOM Video Player is a Video Player available from the market. When Windows Media Player is not sufficient for you, you may look for superior applications. The default Windows Media Player is not great enough and all we want a feature-rich video player.

GOM Player includes a couple of search tools built-in. The same as any other player, it can also be controlled with keyboard shortcuts. GOM Media Player is packed with exceptional features and provides output for a wide range and any size of documents. Even though GOM Player is not the best player about a variety of video formats supported by the box, it is unquestionably one of the video players as it comes to features and choices. GOM Media Player is an excellent media player which will play media records of plenty of formats. GOM Media Player for Windows is an excellent option for playing various sorts of video and sound files.

You can get GOM player by visiting their website. GOM Media Player supports a vast selection of sound and video formats.

GOM Player Pros

  • Outstanding support
  • Subtitle finder
  • Codec tool

GOM Player Cons

  • The installer consists of unwanted apps so try not to accept everything thrown at you during installation
  • The UI on the free version isn’t the best, the GOM plus UI, on the other hand, is top-notch

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3. Media Player Classic

best video players windows 10_itfreek.com

Media Player Classic features such as Trick Play, which allows you to jump into your favourite scenes. Media Player Classic is one of the PC media players as a result of UI that is easy and rapid. Media Player Classic may bring in a selection of music visualization screens. This Media Player Classic- Home Cinema includes built-in codecs such as MPEG-2 along with LPCM, MP2, AC3, etc..

Media Player Classic Pros

  • The interface is easy to navigate
  • Customizable setup
  • Robust controller alternatives

Media Player Classic Cons

  • There aren’t any wonderful features

4. KMPlayer

best video players windows 10_itfreek.com

KMPlayer includes packed programs. The KMPlayer is widely renowned since it plays and can read a selection of media files jointly with media files such as VCD AVI along with high-resolution formats such as FLV and MKV. KMPlayer is a movie player program for your KDE desktop setting. KMPlayer features a superb FTP service which permits users to stream different videos or wireless stations.

KMPlayer includes the majority of the significant decoders required for media playback. KMPlayer may play damaged media-files, which did not finish downloading or got corrupted. KMPlayer comprises the majority of the essential decoders required for media playback.

KMPlayer supports a group of formats as it has sound and video codecs. If you’d like to find out more about KMPlayer, you may pay a stop by to the KMPlayer website for more info.

KMPlayer Pros

  • Play Numerous formats
  • quickly working
  • supports all formats

KMPlayer Cons

  • Subtitle font dimensions can be changed
  • media switches at pop up
  • outside codec for video 5.1

5. 5KPlayer

best video players windows 10_itfreek.com

5KPlayer packs many useful features and intentions to supply you with an entire media user-experience; it is nicely organized and easy to use interface, which makes things seem like a walk at the park. Its interface is clean and straightforward.

5KPlayer enables you to download video and sound files from many media sites and other websites. 5KPlayer is a media player which also functions as an HD video player and audio player since it plays with high-definition videos. The media player for Windows provides you with the display recorder option to list the jobs that are currently working on a different gadget or the background. 5KPlayer gives a group of configuration choices for video, sound, subtitles and much more.

5KPlayer Pros

  • Blend Mp3 format
  • Support lots of documents
  • Download videos from Several websites

5KPlayer Cons

  • The downloading process is slow
  • One video at a time
  • Utilize More CPU energy


Among these available Best Video Players for Windows 10 and Desktop PC, VLC Player is your top one; if you can afford GOM Plus, I’d also recommend because that’s what I use. However, based on your demands, you can choose the best video player for you


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